Executive coaching

Human Qualities’ approach to coaching is underpinned by the following core principles:

  • Self-awareness is key to success as a leader
       We believe that sustainable change only takes place if you address the root causes. Our coaching helps leaders truly understand themselves, their talents and their limiters. We undertake a detailed development diagnosis to allow us to work with them on the core underlying issues, not just the surface behaviours.

  • Congruent goal setting is key to success
       People tend to fail to achieve their goals when these are too vague or they don’t really believe in them. Our coaching focuses leaders on developing clear, specific and engaging goals that they can and want to achieve.

  • Strong leaders have a real desire and commitment to lead
       Coaching needs are often the result of a leader’s underlying values and motivation. Our coaching helps the individual to identify what these are and to make the

  • Becoming an effective leader requires a shift in priorities
       Leaders often struggle because of the things they are holding onto - for example embedded behaviour patterns, habits, functional skills. Our coaching helps leaders understand where these patterns are, where they are helping and where they are blocking them. We then work with them to develop techniques to overcome these.

Our consultants have been operating in the Leadership field for over 20 years. Each year we work with over 1000 leaders, mainly at middle and senior management level. This includes successful one-to-one executive coaching relationships with senior managers in organisations such as:

  • Abbott
  • BAT
  • Gillette
  • Hilton
  • RM
  • UBS
  • Wyeth

To find out more about how we can help your organisation with Executive coaching, call us on +44 (0)7588 193956 or email hq@humanqualities.co.uk