Leadership Discovery

Leadership Discovery  is a revolutionary approach to leadership development.

In a powerful experiential event, a group of managers come together to tackle challenging business scenarios. They gather in-depth feedback throughout. This comes from peers, senior business leaders and our psychologists. It is an intense experience which shows them a true reflection of their capabilities. Using the feedback, they experiment with new leadership behaviours in a safe environment.

By the end of the event the managers have far deeper self-insight. They better understand what is expected for them to progress as leaders. The full development report that they write along the way gives them a plan for the future. They leave with a sense of ownership for their development.

Leadership Discovery consistently receives outstanding feedback from participants. In a review of business benefits after eight months, participants reported sustained changes in behaviour and greater focus on their development.

Case study

  • Leadership Discovery - Transforming Managers into Leaders - BAT

  • Client feedback

    The Finance Leadership Programme was a great success because:
    • It was a unique opportunity for managers to get a wide range of feedback from peers as well as observers and external advisors in safe environment.
    • It gave them time away from the office to truly reflect on and write their development plans based on objective feedback and on experiences outside of their comfort zone. In real life, whether we like it or not, such reviews with your line manager will be somewhat skewed by recent performance in your current role.
    • It created a relationship between participants and observers that survives beyond the centre.
    • It gave the participants an early taste of what is expected of future Finance Directors knowing that they still have a lot of time to work on their development needs. In that light the feedback was received in a very positive and constructive way
    Bassem Lotfy, Head of Finance, BAT Belgium

    Feedback from participants

    'I feel a mixture of pride, excitement and fear following this programme. Very powerful!'
    Supply Chain Manager'

    Great training – it pushed my limits and helped me discover what’s beyond and how to get there.  Observer feedback was fantastic! I expected tactical, it was strategic. Very insightful, constructive.  I know what I need to do next!
    Middle Manager

    Truly excellent course, leading to some really tangible plans and actions to take away. Had enormous fun and was significantly challenged.'
    Operations Manager

    A practical, engaging and inspiring course, great job
    Marketing Finance Manager

    'Comprehensive course that opened my eyes to reality. A positive and totally humbling experience that put many things into perspective. Thought-provoking and a catalyst for action – powerful and insightful tools and exercises. Would recommend to everyone. I know my strengths, recognise my areas for development and I know how I will achieve further success.’
    Head of UK Media


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