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Kate Oliver, Head of Consulting Services at Human Qualities, says, “There is an abundance of evidence, both factual and anecdotal, suggesting that talent management is rapidly moving up the corporate agenda. In fact in a recent CIPD survey, over 90% of companies agreed that talent management has a positive effect on the bottom line. In support of this, the work we do with our clients is increasingly focused on how to enhance organisational effectiveness through developing and implementing effective talent management strategies and practices. I believe that this will continue to be a factor vital to an organisation’s sustainable success in today’s and tomorrow’s increasingly competitive global marketplace.”

Human Qualities’ approach to talent management is underpinned by the following core beliefs:

  • Any organisation needs a clear, agreed definition of “talent” – this is the foundation of any coherent talent management strategy
  • It is possible to identify potential – effective talent management looks to the future in assessing people’s potential as well as their past/current performance
  • Objective assessment is a foundation for an effective talent management strategy – this enables you to identify where talent already exists and where it needs to be grown in the organisation
  • Talent management is a leadership issue - line managers are the key to unlocking talent across the organisation and have a clear role to play here
  • Talent development should focus on leveraging strengths as well as addressing their development needs - people realise their full potential through achieving a balance between utilising their talents and developing their limiters

If you would like to find out more about how Human Qualities can support you in talent management and development in your organisation, please contact or call +44 208 566 1661.

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Human Qualities - Discover the potential within