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“How do we encourage our managers to truly step up as leaders of the business? This is a question that we are increasingly working with our clients to address”, says Kate Oliver, Head of Consulting Services at Human Qualities.

"Successful organisations recognise that developing their leadership capability is vital to their ongoing success. We work on a very practical level with our clients, to help their people develop the mindset and toolkit required to successfully lead others in today’s fast-moving organisational environments. We use embedded learning techniques to ensure that the leaders we work with achieve long-lasting improvements in their effectiveness.”

Our consultants have been operating in the Leadership field for over 20 years.

In the past 2 years we have developed and managed over 100 leadership events for our clients and worked with well over 1000 leaders, mainly at the middle and senior management level.

Human Qualities’ approach to leadership is underpinned by the following core beliefs:

  • Self-awareness is key to success as a leader – so feedback and reflection must form a foundation of any leadership development intervention
  • Any organisation needs a clear, agreed, leadership framework – this enables you to communicate, assess, reward and develop the right behaviours in your leaders
  • Strong leaders have a real desire and commitment to lead people have to choose to lead and find what inspires them to do this; equally they should be rewarded for doing so
  • Becoming an effective leader requires a shift in priorities – this is true at every turn in the leadership pipeline and requires letting go of things that made them successful in the past
  • Leadership potential is based on a combination of Capability, Connection and Commitment – these are the super-competencies of the Human Qualities Leadership Potential model


If you would like to find out more about how Human Qualities can support you with leadership development in your organisation, please contact or call +44 20 8566 1661.

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Human Qualities - Discover the potential within